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Myrtle Hogan-Lance:
Love it; recognise a lot.  Can't wait to go back.

Seems the video is closed, never mind some of our photos

Myrtle Hogan-Lance:
Great photos.  I spotted the Parador in the background in the photo of the roque Bonanza.  That's where I stayed.

I can't remember the name of it but at the top of the hill from the Parador there's a little village.  We made the mistake of deciding to hike up to it one day.  And then back down.  That's where we met a Scotsman who'd been living there for about 7 years and was having trouble remembering English.  As we slugged back some beer, we told him about the congestion charge in London and he nearly fell off his chair.  He'd never heard of such a concept.  Then we relayed how Italy had beaten Scotland at Murrayfield; he was astounded.  We told him one or two other facts of life back in civilisation he was amazed at too.  Great trip.

There are two footpaths one leads to Las Casas and El Pinar, but the other and most likely to Isora. I used to do quite a lot of walking, but none these days, ankles are in need of repair. I know the Scots fellow, met him once, he is a bit Hippyfied


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