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Author Topic: Los Cristianos screens Spain's La Voz (The Voice) final live with two Tinerfeños in it

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It’s the final tomorrow night of La Voz, Spain’s The Voice, and there are two Tinerfeños in it! One is 22-year-old Pedro Hernández, from Tejina in La Laguna municipality, and 19-year-old Gabriele Dellolio from Arona. The details of the final, with voting phone numbers, are HERE, but for those who would like to watch live with all the atmosphere, Arona Ayuntamiento has set up a gigant screen outside Los Cristianos’ Cultural Centre for everyone to support their local lad. For those watching at home, it’s on Telecinco. Everything starts at around 8.30pm, and it will go on for some time … especially if Gabriele wins! Good luck to both of them!
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