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Author Topic: Annual Christmas Day Concert in Santa Cruz harbour

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Annual Christmas Day Concert in Santa Cruz harbour
« on: Wed 13 Dec 2017, 11:04 »

The traditional annual Christmas Day concert with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will again take place, as always, at 9pm in Santa Cruz harbour - the Dársena de Los Llanos. Entry is free, and tens of thousands attend each year. It's the absolute spirit of Christmas in Tenerife, and this year's concert will feature traditional Christmas pieces as well as new music focusing on the legend of the Guanche lovers, Gara and Jonay.

There are more details HERE, and for those who cannot attend in person, the concert is broadcast live, as always, on the Ports Authority website HERE, and it will also be shown live on Spanish TV (La2) and radio (Radio1, Radio5 & Radio Exterior). Organizers ask the audience to be in place at least ten minutes before the start because of the live TV broadcast.

Please note that although the concert is free, the system is that people must get a ticket simply because the concert is so popular that the venue can’t process everyone turning up shortly before the concert. These tickets can are issued by the the Ports Authority, and they can be acquired from the port building as explained in the link above, or in the basement ticket area of El Corte Inglés. These appear to be the only two options for getting them.

(please see HERE for live links).
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