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Started by Geordie Maggot, Mon 18 Sep 2017, 10:34

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Geordie Maggot

Can someone please help me with my Spanish homework? No I'm not cheating!! I just need a little help with translation. I am writing a small essay detailing my family and I have been Googling for the the nearest translation for 'Warehouse labourer' or 'Warehouse assistant'

My son basically works in a warehouse that stores parcels and then moves them on. So he unloads and loads vans and lorries. Any ideas??


es un auxiliar de almacén



or "obrero en nave industrial"?
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Geordie Maggot

Quote from: Janet on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 10:37
es un auxiliar de almacén


Thanks @Janet I did find almacen but I didn't know how to phrase it.