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Author Topic: Las Galletas’ celebrates San Casiano fiesta next weekend

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Las Galletas is shortly to start its fiesta in honour of San Casiano, the town's second major fiesta each year in addition to its Virgen del Carmen celebrations in July. The August fiesta will again see the town taken over by the festivities, especially the Rambla area, and late into the evening the shops will remain open until the music takes over until the early hours. This year, the fiesta lasts from Thursday 17 to Monday 21 August, with Sunday being the main fiesta day which is centred around the harbour, with the embarkation of the virgin's statue followed by fireworks.

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Re: Las Galletas’ celebrates San Casiano fiesta next weekend
« Reply #1 on: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 15:11 »
There seems to be about 20 interesting things happening within a fortnight of us leaving!   :undecided:
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