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Author Topic: Taucho fiestas and Ethnographic Days - rural Tenerife as you'd dream it

Online Janet

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  • A book, a cup of tea, a fireplace ...

This is rural Tenerife as you’d dream it. From 17 to 22 June Taucho, an Adeje village in the hills above Los Menores, celebrates the annual Taucho Ethnographic Days as a run up to the local fiestas in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto. This is the ninth time the event has been held, with events organised by the local fiestas committee and the Adeje department of heritage.

The Ethnographic Days include talks, films, walks, music, exhibitions and displays of local handicrafts and skills, and local hand-made products and crafts, wine, cheese, cakes and biscuits, bread and honey, all on sale to the public. The full programme will be available shortly, and the video below will give a flavour. For anyone who thinks Tenerife is just about sun, sand, sea and sangria, this is exactly the sort of unforgettable experience that will dispel that illusion once and for all.

One must have sunshine, freedom and flowers. Hans Christian Andersen


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