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Author Topic: Ebola: the current situation, measures being taken, and reasons for Spain to be optimistic

Offline Janet

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Where do they say that?
That surprised me so I had a look at their website ...

You didn't see this then?

All agreed that the demands of the Ebola outbreak have completely outstripped the government’s and partners’ capacity to respond. Fourteen of Liberia’s 15 counties have now reported confirmed cases.


That's just one example ... from September, probably around when I posted it. I haven't taken my "hysteria" from rabid tabloids, but from those who actually know what the situation is where it matters  ...
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Offline Pelinor

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I wouldn't say there is any hysteria here. Maybe a bit of frustration and bewilderment about the whole thing. I don't intend to read the whole thread again, and without going through every news report since the outbreak started it would be difficult to evidence the 'seemingly wild and hysterical comments' made by some experts (I am not so dumb as to take the word of a tabloid hack as being true) But I seem to remember the UN stating back in September that there could be over 20,000 infected people. There wasn't and I dont think there is.
That is by no means the only alarmist statement made. Plus it would appear that the only contamination outside the infected area has been caused by helpers going to the site and then being allowed to trot off as they please. Hence my criticism of the UN and WHO who seem to be over seeing the outbreak?

Offline Prof

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Janet, that is a four month old report on Liberia, a country with hardly any hospitals, infrastructure or education, and where they have the custom of bathing their dead. Nowhere does it even mention humanity . . . in fact it lists the countries (Nigeria, Senegal, and Congo) that were . . . . even then . . . .  controlling this very easily controlled disease.

I’m sure somewhere we can find a misleading missive from some uninformed UN or government department . . . but that isn’t it.

And Pelinor, 20,000 cases really isn’t very many, it's going nowhere. 
This is undoubtedly something to be taken very seriously. And it is still clearly out of control in some of the more remote areas of western Africa . . .  but minimally developed countries like Senegal and Nigeria have completely eliminated it without much difficulty.

Come on guys – flu is more dangerous.

And yes, this thread drips with hysteria, remember the woman on the bike in NY.

And healthworkers flying home? Nothing wrong with that . . . . Well, Donald Trump wanted flights to Africa stopped and he really is a &**ô$&@ . . .  but let me repeat the WHO website -

"WHO does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions be applied by countries except in cases where individuals have been confirmed or are suspected of being infected with EVD or where individuals have had contact with cases of EVD."

Offline Pelinor

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  • confucius say.
Is it me Prof or do we seem to be agreeing on most things? For me, it's a storm in a large tea cup made worse by the rabid press, self proclaimed experts that know nothing but who love the sound of their own voices and the UN, WHO and various health experts that should know better, but were spouting off via any media they think would further their profile and case for more funding. Sort of ask for 100% but only really needing 50%. That happens all the time.

One thing we may disagree on is that the, lets say 'Alarm' cannot solely be placed on the door mats of the tabloids.

I would point as proof of this to the worlds response to the outbreak, or are we saying that governments round the world take more notice of the press than 'Experts'? Of course not the response has mostly been proportionate to the advice of the experts. Some of whom, at the start were 'Alarmist' in their statements. Now people have caught a grip things have calmed down and more reasonable statements and press releases are made. This was not the case in the beginning.

I found two numbers of projected infections both on a UN web site but I could only evidence the 20,000 the other number was 137,000. I stuck to what I could prove. But I agree flu is more dangerous And I half agree that Ebola is going no where. I only half agree because if it does go any where it seems it will get there with the help of the health workers who go there to help.

There was no hysteria about the health worker. There was however anger. Anger that she couldn't be arsed just to follow the guidelines and play safe for a few days. Was that so hard to do. Obviously it was! Plain selfish. As some are now saying about the nurse in Spain. No not hysteria just plain frustration that these people are not made to sit in quarantine for three weeks in Africa before they are allowed on public transport. The reason they are allowed to trot of is quite simple. Who and the UN are worried that if they make these health workers sit through quarantine for three weeks in Africa the flow of volunteers will dry up. So they are risk managing it with fingers crossed. They manage it and the public take the risk?

I suppose it all depends on your out look on life I play safe where ever I can. If I went there I would hold myself responsible to make sure I was infection free before gambling with other people on public transport. But it would seem that many prefer the gamble.
As far as the advice from WHO I would ask you to read past the recommendation. To the part that explains why they recommend that approach. Its got nothing to do with Ebola but everything to do with the very fragile political picture in the countries that have the infections. Ebola may kill 10,000 but political instability because of Ebola would kill hundreds of thousands and plunge emerging democracies back to civil war if the money from trade was cut off. Ebola is just being risk managed.

Wow I have rambled on a bit. :D
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Offline Michael

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Yeah, wot Pelinor said.  :great:
 until I return to Tenerife! :toothygrin:

Offline Myrtle Hogan-Lance

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Great, well reasoned ramble.  :thumbup: