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Cooking the unempolyment figures?

Started by Guanche, Mon 2 Jun 2014, 21:47

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Brother in law came up with this little gem over the weekend, if its true? It would seem that the unemployed who receive the 'Auda' are being given a choice when they reach the age of 61. Retire and the government will start to pay old age pension or lose your 'Auda'
Now I have mixed feelings on this. But its the BIL story so I'll tell you what he thinks. At the moment he is 59 and in receipt of the €450 'Auda' Its highly unlikely he will ever work again. But he is able to do so many hours work or receive so much pay every month without it effecting his auda. Sorry I have no idea how long or how much they can work or earn.
Once your in receipt of your pension you can no longer work, legally. But more importantly you are no longer classed as unemployed. And thats, some say, why the unemployment figures are coming down.