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Author Topic: Massive fraud related to management training courses

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Massive fraud related to management training courses
« on: Sun 16 Mar 2014, 17:38 »
Has anybody been following this farce? If I have understood correctly, which is by no means certain, this case involves the systematic generation of totally fictitious management training courses run for thousands of fictitious students, all of which were subsidised by the state. This cash went into drugs, prostitution and jamón.  :017:

It operated simply on the grounds that there were no checks done by the authorities handing out the subsidy cash. Hundreds of on-line management courses were invented, where anybody checking had the impression that at any one time, students were on-line doing the courses. It was only after years of abuse that somebody noticed that the same student names kept coming up, or that something was not right about the number of students on-line at any one time.

I can't quite work out how many people must have been involved in the fraud. Edit: 13 are charged, but hundreds more are implicated.
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Massive fraud related to management training courses
« Reply #1 on: Sun 16 Mar 2014, 18:12 »
Do let us know if anybody is ever convicted, and moreover, forced to pay any money back.