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Author Topic: Traditional Canarian embroidery in Chirche

Offline Janet

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Traditional Canarian embroidery in Chirche
« on: Mon 3 Feb 2014, 12:31 »
I’ve been contacted by one of the Chirche embroiderers and am delighted to share the following photos of their work. This is typical Canarian Embroidery which is displayed every Saturday morning in the courtyard of a restored Canarian house in Chirche, near Guia de Isora. Apart from the displays themselves, one can see the pieces actually being made using traditional skills.

The restored house is just past the modern cultural centre and is 50 metres up the hill from the traditional Canarian restaurant, Romeros, on the right. If a visit to Chirche is not possible, the work is also displayed in the Playa San Juan market every Wednesday morning.

At this time of year, though, a visit to Chirche itself is fabulous because this is bang in the middle of almond tree territory, and with the blossom and spring flowers, it is a beautiful area. Here are those photos, copyright Stewart Kirby:

One must have sunshine, freedom and flowers. Hans Christian Andersen

Offline Myrtle Hogan-Lance

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Traditional Canarian embroidery in Chirche
« Reply #1 on: Mon 3 Feb 2014, 13:51 »
Those pieces really are beautiful.  I was looking for a good reason to go down to PSJ and buy something at the market.

Offline Michael

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Traditional Canarian embroidery in Chirche
« Reply #2 on: Mon 3 Feb 2014, 15:45 »

Certainly makes a pleasant change from plastic dolphins.  ::)
 until I return to Tenerife! :toothygrin: