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Top Spanish scientist walks out - has had enough

Started by Perikles, Wed 15 Jan 2014, 18:40

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The short-sighted policies of Spain have resulted in yet another serious loss to their scientific community. They had a leading role in stem cell research, now blown because the leader is leaving, citing lack of governmental support.

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Джереми. Prurio ergo sum
κατθάνοισα δὲ κείσῃ οὐδέ ποτα μναμοσύνα σέθεν ἔσσετ' οὐδὲ †ποκ'†ὔστερον• οὐ γὰρ πεδέχῃς βρόδων τῶν ἐκ Πιερίας•


Little more is to be expected from a government that can't be arsed putting drugs into the shelves of chemist on the high street.