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Author Topic: At least my bank is trying to help

Offline Myrtle Hogan-Lance

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At least my bank is trying to help
« on: Tue 19 Nov 2013, 15:48 »
Here's the text of an email I got from my bank today:

Estimado/a Cliente:

Desde Cajasiete queremos compartir con usted el vídeo oficial que hemos creado y que esperamos sea de su agrado.

Queremos transmitir que Canarias, con sus atractivas peculiaridades, nos ofrece grandes oportunidades para ser optimistas a pesar de las complicadas circunstancias que estamos viviendo actualmente.

Cajasiete colabora con estas opciones de desarrollo económico y social, como la única entidad financiera propia del Archipiélago.

Un afectuoso saludo.

For those who don't read Spanish, it says that they want to share their latest official video and hope you like it.  They want to communicate that the Canaries and their unique attractions give us great reasons for optimism despite the complicated situation we are living in today.  They will cooperate in these areas on our economic and social development as the only financial institute native to the Archipelago.  (Not sure if that's true but it doesn't really matter.)

It's a nice, catchy, upbeat video which may do absolutely no good but at least they are trying to help promote our islands.