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Author Topic: 1 in 3 new poor in Europa will be spanish

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1 in 3 new poor in Europa will be spanish
« on: Thu 19 Sep 2013, 13:13 »
A report gives data of Oxfam that is devastating.
Poverty will shoot in Spain if they continue the austerity measures.
If so, one of every three new poor in Europe would be Spanish, so that in 12 years there would be 20 million poor people in our country, equivalent to 42% of the population.


LaSexta / Agencies  | Madrid | Updated 19/09/2013 at 13:14 pm

According to report by Oxfam, if they continue the austerity measures imposed by the Government, in 12 years 42% of the population live in poverty, that is, 20 million people, more than seven million today.

Responsible Intermón research report co-author, Teresa Cavero, stressed that since 2008 the number of poor has increased at a rate of half a million every year and has warned that "they are laying the foundations of a grossly unfair" and inequality gap is "shooting".

According Intermón, austerity levels increase not only poverty but also inequality in the next two decades. The line between the richest and the poorest would be even wider. And is that before the crisis, 20% of the richest earned 5.3 times more than the poorest 20% and in 2025 would receive 18 times more.

Currently, the highest unemployment must add that almost one in ten families in which someone does have a job, live in poverty, that is, that even with pay, even among the employed population, you get out of this pitiful situation.

And one last thing most, according to a survey in which they rely for their report, seven out of 10 Spanish would be willing to reject "black work" if that would contribute to reducing inequalities, which continue to grow more and more.

A judgment of the leaders of the NGO, Europe and Spain are routed to a dual society, much poorer, more unjust and unequal, but consider that "the good news is that there are solutions " .

To do this, take a " spin resounding " austerity policy and propose a series of urgent measures that go through the problem of public debt, as currently one in three euros in Spain goes to pay the interest generated.

Changes in the financial system, economic stimulus programs that focus on job creation , more investment in public services such as education and health and fiscal measures, including taxes on wealth accumulation and financial transactions tax are other Intermón proposals.