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Author Topic: AlCampo and Carrefour in trouble over false labelling and non-existent savings

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Farmers association COAG has denounced AlCampo for labelling normal olive oil as “extra virgin”. The company has said there was a labelling error and that it will ensure all such products are removed from the shelves. Analyses will be carried out in the next few days to determine whether oil on sale now complies with its description. For now, AlCampo extra virgen oil is listed as a Consumer Alert Warning.

Meanwhile, the Asociación General de Consumidores, ASGECO, has denounced Carrefour for an alleged “massive fraud” in the “savings packs. Over the last few weeks the association has received several complaints about “false offers” on a range of goods, relating how item prices in saving packs not only failed to represent a saving, but in many occasions, the unit price was actually greater in the savings pack than if bought separately. JA
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