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Author Topic: Official details concerning 2012 50% reduction in CGT.

Offline Mazoka

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Does anyone know where I could either view or obtain the official Spanish Goverment details concerning the CGT 50% reduction for property purchased between 11th May - 31st December 2012.

I have read information from various websites saying that anyone, resident, non-resident or company who have purchased a property in the period mentioned will be entitled to the reduction. The reduction apparently "is not available if you sell the property to someone you know, for example a family member."

I have not as yet read anything concerning a possible time factor.

I would like to find out, is there any time limitation for selling the property, or is it irrespective of when you come to sell.

Offline Janet

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Official details concerning 2012 50% reduction in CGT.
« Reply #1 on: Tue 8 Jan 2013, 15:20 »
THIS is the actual law, M.   :tiphat:
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