What is ChalkCat?

What is ChalkCat? Well, chalk is obviously something used on boards, and a forum is a whole series of boards. Cats are independent creatures, with minds of their own, too intelligent to follow the crowd blindly. They do their own thing, play, think, hunt at times, with affection - but also claws when needed!

So ChalkCat is such a forum, a fusion of thought-provoking discussion, information, oddities, fun,... whatever you want it to be, really. Although we are a forum created by Tenerife residents, with a section within ChalkCat World for the Canary Islands, and indeed Spain generally, we are not a place-specific forum. There is much more to ChalkCat.

That's why ChalkCat is different. We want to expand way beyond this island, this region, this country, and hope to attract members from all around the globe. We aim to invite different perspectives from members with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We want to create a stimulating community with intelligent discussions on a wide range of subjects, whether current events, astronomy, nature, politics, technology, ethics, travel, or whatever we happen to be thinking about today!

We want to be different. We are different. Welcome to ChalkCat!