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To add an image you simply copy the URL of the image you want to insert, then click on the image button, which looks like this:

When you click on that button it opens up a box for you to paste the URL into. That's all there is to it!

There certainly is and it's very easy!  If you make an error whilst typing, simply use Ctrl+Z on your keyboard to undo your last typing (or deleting).  To redo, use Ctrl+Y.
Who needs a special button!  :D

If you have a low post count then your links are obscured as an anti-spam measure. Don't worry, just keep contributing to the threads and your links will all automatically show correctly once you have reached the minimum number of posts  :tiphat:

Below the compose box, click on "Attachments and other options" to expand the attachments and options section.  From there you can browse for the file you wish to attach, then select from the dropdown how you wish it to appear in the post: full size inline, expandable thumbnail, etc.

To attach more than one file, click on "more attachments".  The maximum attachment limits are also shown.  If your file is larger than the limit, please resize it before attaching to your post.

If you intend to create a poll, please do so using the "New Poll" button within the board view, rather than "New Topic", as this allows you to set all the options, including whether the results of the poll are publicly visible or restricted.

You may add a poll to your own topics later using the "Add Poll" option within the topic, however the identity of voters on polls created this way is hidden by default and cannot be changed.

Above each post you should see an "add multiquote" link. Just click on it. Nothing will happen ... but when you get to the last post you want to quote, click "quote" ... and lo and behold, they will all be there.  Alternatively just keep hitting "add multiquote" until you're done and then press the "Reply" button as normal.

Yes, you can choose to receive email notification of new replies.  Go to Profile > Modify Profile and in the sub-menu choose Notifications.  There you can set your default to receive notifications by email.

You can also choose to be notified of replies to threads at the time of posting by checking the "Notify" check box below the message compose area.

If you have problems registering for any reason, please first check that you are human and not a spammer, then use the contact form to contact the forum administrators.

You've registered, correctly answered the anti-spam questions, waited for an admin to approve your account, now you've signed in and... you can only see a little bit more than you could see before!  Is that all there is?

We have recently added an extra layer of security to ChalkCat forum that requires new members to post an introduction before they can gain access to the rest of our forum.  You can read the full details HERE.

TL;DR: Please post an introduction telling us a bit about yourself.  When we welcome you your restrictions will be lifted.

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