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Use the button in the message compose window and replace the words with numbers. For example, to countdown to 6.30pm on 21st June 2012, countdown=MONTH,DAY,YEAR,HOUR,MINUTE becomes countdown=6,21,2012,18,30.

Only forum administrators can add events to the calendar at this time.  If you believe your event is of general interest and would like it adding to the calendar, please contact an administrator, who will be pleased to add it for you if it is deemed appropriate.

You can subscribe to feeds from individual boards using the orange RSS icon beside each board.  Alternatively there is a global feed for all boards, which is accessed using the "RSS" link in the page footer.

The search bar at the top of the forum is quietly smart and searches only within the board or topic you are currently viewing.  However, if you use the search bar from the forum index or unread posts, it will search the whole forum  :tiphat:

Dunno, but when you find it bring me one too, good and strong, ta   :coffee2:

As an anti-spam measure, new members need to complete verification questions each time they send a PM or post on the forum. Don't worry, it only lasts until you reach a minimum post count on the forum, so relax and contribute to the threads.