Action demanded as dogs die and are injured as refuge is broken into

Started by Janet, Tue 7 Nov 2017, 15:49

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There is still little clarity about a break-in on Saturday night at the Tierra Blanca animal refuge in Fasnia. What is clear is that someone entered the property and released several dogs into the communal areas, and that various fights broke out causing the death of two dogs. This is, after all, the refuge, officially connected to the island authorities, where dogs were taken after being rescued from a fighting ring at the start of this year (link).

In addition to the two dead dogs, four were badly injured and two have "escaped", but although the walls were daubed with slogans suggesting the "rescuers" were anti-refuge and anti-abuse activists, police suspect that it was actually members of the dog fighting ring who were responsible for the break-in, and therefore could be in possession of the two dogs which can't be found.

The Podemos group in the Cabildo demanded that the Consejo Insular de Protección Animal step in and work with the police to analyse what occurred, and to deal with the ongoing problem of illegal dog fights in Tenerife. The group also demanded greater security in such installations as Tierra Blanca, where there were no guards at night and where the security cameras seem unable to provide any information.