Can you help find this British woman missing in Tenerife?

Started by Janet, Fri 19 Jan 2018, 11:44

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just in case, you never know ...

The following is from my website. The post on my website is HERE. There are links in it which do not appear in the copy below.

Sarah Louise Smith's family is asking for help to locate her in Tenerife. They say that Sarah came to Tenerife before Christmas with a friend but did not return home. The last contact with her was over a week ago on Facebook. She is 31 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5ft 6" with a slim build. The police in the UK and in Tenerife, and the Consulate are all involved in the case. Sarah's cousin, Nicola Nikki Collins asks that if anyone has any information they should contact her, or Sarah's sister Laura Michelle, or her father Eddie Smith. Of course, anyone with any information could also contact the National Police or the Consulate too.



Apparently now "found" because she's been in touch with her father ... who says details cannot be supplied because "it's a police matter". Doubt this one was ever "missing" in the real sense of the word even though Facebook is getting the credit for "finding" her!