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Spring Hoteles buys largest plot in El Mojón for the group’s fourth hotel in Arona

Started by Janet, Tue 9 Jan 2018, 17:25

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Spring Hoteles has acquired the largest plot in the El Mojón development area between current Los Cristianos and the TF1 for its new 525 room hotel. The plot is some 62,000 square metres, and construction is expected to cost the group around €85m. Ashotel says that the group expects to obtain the building licence during this year.

Spring Hoteles General Director Miguel Villarroya said that the new hotel would maintain the high standards of the group's properties, adding that "starting a new hotel from scratch offered a unique opportunity to use architecture as a distinguishing value of a touristic product. It will be a very new concept", he added, "focused on the demands of the clients of the future where technology will play a key role in enhancing visitor experience".

The group is also investing around €30m for integral refurbishment of its other three hotels in Arona, the Arona Gran in Los Cristianos and the Bitácora and Vulcano in Playa de las Américas.

Malteser Monkey

That's opposite Supermercado Trebol and Bar Orinoco ??  by the big roundabout ?


yes, directly opposite that, and on the other side, opposite the Apolo Centre.

Malteser Monkey

Quote from: Janet on Wed 10 Jan 2018, 10:42
yes, directly opposite that, and on the other side, opposite the Apolo Centre.

Wow that's some plot ! only thing I remember there was a load of Ad boards MacDonalds etc :giggle:

Myrtle Hogan-Lance


Yes, surely they are going to have to do something about the traffic queuing on the motorway and all the way down through the roundabouts if they are adding a huge hotel.


they've already done major work at the slip road, and it's hugely improved now, and I don't see that a hotel would add hugely to the traffic ... but with the whole area being developed in that part of El Mojón it's difficult to see how they can avoid redesigning the street plan for it all.

Myrtle Hogan-Lance

The slip road has been improved but the roundabout is still a major disaster.  I really think they should take traffic for Los Cristianos directly to the right (from eastbound exit) using that empty land.  It would save at least 75% of the traffice from entering the roundabout.


That's all I need. Dozens of builders drinking in the Merry Monk every teatime for the next 18 months... :021:


Things move very slowly in Tenerife: One Hotel? This is from Janet's site 6 years ago:

Original post 16 December 2011:  Arona Ayuntamiento has at last approved its PGO (Plan General de Ordenación) which defines the plots within the municipality. One area that now has the go-ahead for development is El Mojón, a name usually associated with the new southern hospital just below Chayofa, but which in fact is the whole area between the present town of Los Cristianos and the TF1.
This area, of some 500,000 square metres, has been marked out with streets and paving for some time, and is now intended to become the "economic motor" not just of Los Cristianos, but of south Tenerife generally, according to the Ayuntamiento in a press conference yesterday.
The area will contain residential, touristic and commercial properties, and talks will start with businesses after Christmas to see how to get the maximum potential from the area.
Arona's Urbanismo councillor said he recognized that given the crisis in the construction sector, realizing this potential might take years, but all possibilities and strategies would be examined to fuel touristic and commercial activity.