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Started by Nova, Sun 11 Mar 2012, 15:41

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In internet communities, we communicate only with words, with no body language or vocal intonation to help make our intentions understood.  As we all know, the written word alone can be an ambiguous and dangerous thing, so in the interests of helping everyone get along, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Say what you mean.  Don't hint, don't expect other members to read between the lines and don't expect others to know whether a smiley is friendly or sarcastic.

  • Similarly, assume other members mean what they say.  Don't look for hidden meanings or take the huff at things you think others have said.

  • Drama queens belong in the theatre, not on internet forums.  Any emotions should be expressed in simple terms, using smileys wherever possible.  If you do feel the need to express emotions, please bear in mind the forum's dependency on the written word and don't expect an emotional response from other members.  That's what real life friends are for.

  • Don't make any outrageous claims and present them as fact unless you have actual evidence to support the claim.  It will be required.  Many online conflicts can be avoided if posters understand and respect the difference between fact and opinion.  For a reminder about the difference between fact and opinion, please see HERE.

  • Don't pressure other members to meet you in real life.  Safety concerns aside, many people choose to use internet socialising as an alternative to real-life socialising, and may not wish to combine the two.

Any user who flames, trolls, or in any other way abuses the forum or any of its members will have their account deleted without warning.  The forum administrators reserve all rights and their decision is final.
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