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Hello and welcome to ChalkCat forum!

ChalkCat is a lively and stimulating community for intelligent discussions on diverse and wide-ranging topics of interest.  Although we are still a relatively small community, we are friendly, open-minded and eager to welcome on board new members, especially new members who can bring new perspectives and experiences to our forum.  All we ask is that you conform to the rules of common sense and common courtesy as defined in the Forum Rules and you will fit in just fine :)

After you have logged in, please take a few moments to look around your Profile Settings.  Here you are able to customize your forum experience in various ways, such as adding an avatar, signature and custom title, and adjusting your preferences and notification settings.

As a new member, the forum may look very sparse as most of the boards are hidden from guests and new members.  Don't worry, that doesn't last long.  All you need to do is to make your first post by posting a new topic in the Introductions board to tell us a bit about yourself.  This is important because administrators use your first post to decide whether or not to grant you full entry to the forum.  Once your introduction has been approved by an administrator, you will be a full member of ChalkCat forum.

If you require any assistance, please post a topic in the Forum Help section or contact an administrator (me) via the forum personal message system or, if you have not yet made your first post here, using the contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope you enjoy being part of our community!  :welcome2:
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