Government plans reduced contributions for new autonomos under 30 years old

Started by Janet, Mon 28 Jan 2013, 14:22

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As Perikles posted HERE, the Ministerio de Empleo is preparing a new strategy to combat youth unemployment involving a six-month period in which they can set up as autonomo with a social security contribution of just €50 a month compared to the more than €250 a month currently required. "Youth" is deemed to be those under 30 years of age. Once this six months has passed, contributions will be discounted by around 30% for the following two years.

Employment minister Fátima Báñez said that the Government will roll out the red carpet for the enterprising. She confirmed that the new measures are well on the way to being finalized and that they should be submitted to the Consejo de Ministros very soon. Many will feel that in this economic climate the measures should be open to anyone at all who is thinking of starting up as self-employed, and that six months at €50 followed by two years of 30% discounted contributions is the absolute minimum anyone, let alone those under 30, might hope for. With any luck, if the measure is seen to be effective, it will be extended to others. Spain's economy needs all the help it can get right now! JA

El Profesor

That's good, they only need to create enough companies to employ six million people.

Just talking to the mayor of Adeje. He reckons there is 13% unemployment in Arona, and only 7% in Adeje.
7% is pretty close to nothing if you count 3% who can't work and another 3% working illegally.
So the 33 % unemployment in Canaries is in other bits, over 50% in parts of El Hierro.
The Basque country is also at 14% ...... all of it.

Myrtle Hogan-Lance

Should be for autonomos of any age.  Too many obstacles to business here.


[countdown=01,06,2021,13,30][/countdown] until I return to Tenerife! :toothygrin:


... and they are saying they "roll out the red carpet" for entrepreneurs ....  :cheesy:


Quote from: Janet on Mon 28 Jan 2013, 18:27
... and they are saying they "roll out the red carpet" for entrepreneurs ....  :cheesy:


the ropes have the initials for taxes, the block at his feet reads "drop in consumption", and the suit is saying "the trouble with this country is it doesn't have any entrepreneurs prepared to give it a go" ...


This was the topic of conversation at the coffee shop in Sants Cruz this morning. Generally most agree that it's far from enough 18 months to two years would be better. But one shop owner pointed the following out.
I have a shop selling 'X' The shop next door is empty. One of these young business men takes the empty shop over and starts selling the same product as me. His overheads are less than mine so he undercuts me. I go out of buisness..............................

He has a point :tiphat: