Strasburg demands release of ETA prisoner

Started by Perikles, Tue 10 Jul 2012, 10:33

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I'm not really interested in law, but what I don't understand is how Spain is capable of applying laws in a way which makes you realize that they think that Franco is still alive.

Here we have some woman banged up for 8,000 years because she killed a few policemen. In Franco's time, this woman would have been garotted. When sentenced, the maximum time in jail was 30 years. With good behaviour etc, she should have been let out already. But in 2008 Spain decided to apply the 'Parot doctrine' which effectively changed that. The real point is that the new law was applied retroactively, specifically to stop ETA terrorists getting out of jail, even though at the time, many legal experts claimed this was unconstitutional.

Strasburg has ruled that this is the case, and awarded her €30,000 euros as well.

The fact that this scroat should be banged up for 8,000 years is not the point here. What seems to happen in this country is that people make up new laws and apply them because they want to, and then see whether there is any flack later. I guess this is why all legal issues go on indefinitely.

What kind of crappy legal system is that?



Not just the law-makers either.  Try it and see if it sticks, or how long we can get away with it before we get into trouble. seems to be the general mentality around these parts  :-X
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